The amazing journey started early in Bucharest. We’ve been driving for almost 6 hours to get to Iași.

After checking in at Grand Hotel Traian we stayed in the room for at least one hour because of the rain, also we got a room with a view.

After the rain stopped, we visited Mănăstirea Cetăţuia (Cetăţuia Monastery) which is a 17th century monastery with a museum. Firstly, I thought that from there I can see the whole city, but it wasn’t like that. But, the monastery’s garden is quite incredible and relaxing. If you have free time, you can sit on the bench and just enjoy the landscape.

Next stop was at Mănăstirea Frumoasa (Frumoasa Monastery) and Mănăstirea Galata (Galata Monastery). 

Second day started with a visit at Cotnari which lasted all day long.

The third day which was the last one started with a visit at Mănăstirea Golia (Golia Monastery). There is a tower (Golia Tower) which you can visit for a small fee. The view from there is amazing and you can admire the whole city.

On our way back, we stopped to enjoy a small land of lavender.


This city break was quite interesting, but i’m sad because I didn’t have enough time to visit Palatul Culturii din Iași (Iași Palace of Culture) which I heard is great. Iasi City Center

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