Poiana Narciselor (The Daffodil Glade)

So, we decided it’s time to go somewhere to take a break from our daily routine and our destination was Poiana Narciselor, Romania (The Daffodil Glade) and surroundings. Poiana Narciselor Vad-Șercaia is a natural reservation where you can find a lot of species of animals, flowers and in particular, daffodils. This is a festival which runs in May 21 and where you can admire the flowers and listen to a popular concert with traditional romanian music.

But, before we arrived there we first visited Libearty Bear Sanctuary. If you want to visit it, you have to check their schedule because you can visit only with a guide. He takes you to see a lot of bears which each one has a sad story and of course, you’ll leave there in a very sad mood, but the feeling after seeing them is very unique.

Then, we visited Templul Ursitelor din Șinca Veche and Mănăstirea Rupestră Șinca Veche. The garden is a very pleasant one, you can relax and enjoy fresh air. It says that at Templul Ursitelor you can put a wish and in the future it will happen. I didn’t do this, but maybe next time I’ll do this thing.

We booked our stay at Pensiunea La Bunici which is located in a very quiet area with a very big garden. If you are lucky, as I was, you can have a room with a sunrise view.

In the next morning, after we ate we went straight to Moara pe apă cu Noroc Ohaba to see a very old watermill. We saw some history there and also, we bought some rye flour and cornmeal. And, it is also the old watermill in Făgăraș County that it is still working.

After that, we arrived at Poiana Narciselor to visit it. When we arrived there, it was full of people and a lot of ambulant sellers. I admit that I was expecting to see a more beautiful area full of daffodils, but in the end I was ok with it.

On our way back home, we stopped in Brașov to have a little walk in the city center and eat a delicious natural homemade cake.

It was an interesting weekend, we visited a lot and also relaxed.

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