When in Rome (2)

So, the adventure is loading…

Our third day started early in the morning as we visited Colosseum. We took another guided tour, in which it was included the tour of Colosseum, Foro Romano and Palatine Hill. Our first guide at Colosseum was Marcus who presented to us the history of Flavian Amphiteatre or as we know it, Colosseum. After almost an hour we had 20 mins of photo break and then we continued the tour.

Our second guide was David Battaglino, who was our guide to Foro Romao and Palatine Hill.

After spending almost 2 hours with him, we went to Aventine Keyhole..as they say that you can see the city through the keyhole. It wasn’t so spectacular as I was expected. Next to the keyhole, is Giardino degli Aranci with a more beautiful view of Rome and where you can enjoy the lime trees. As we were going to meet with David, we had lunch at Ducati Caffe.


Then, we went to Foro di Traiano to wait for David because we booked another tour with him.

Aaaand he is David!!!
Aaaand he is David!!!

We found out new info about Rome, then we visited San Nicola in Carcere where we went underground it and enjoyed the old streets of Rome..also we saw human bones..creepy. The tour continued with a stop at the Isola Tiberina and at Pantheon where David told us Pantheon’s history.

Isola Tiberina
Isola Tiberina

Aand.. the third day ended with some gifts from Sant Eustachio Caffe, the coffee shop that The Telegraph wrote an article about it.

Our 4th day..and the last one was full of course. It started with a stop at Termini to deposit our luggages and then we took the metro to Flaminio where we visited Piazza del Popolo and then we went straight to Piazza di Spagna where we enjoyed the famous Spanish Steps.

And while we were coming back to the train station, we stopped by Le Grotte and we enjoyed our last luch in Rome.


Then we arrived again at Termini to take the bus to Ciampino Airport.

Aand in conclusion, as David said: #WhenInRomeBeRude !!!

PS: If you visit Rome and want to book a guide, David Battaglino is the one!! His email: david@davidsrome.com

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