When in Rome (1)

So, the adventure begins!

We had to be at the airport at around 6 AM, the flight was at 7.35 AM. During the flight, we had breakfast. It wasn’t big, but it was enough. Also, we had seats at the window, but the view wasn’t spectacular. After we arrived at Fumicino Airport, we took the train to Termini and from there we walked around 10 mins to the apartment. We met with the host, left our luggages and then we went to explore the city.

We stayed next to Colosseum and the first tourist attraction we saw it was Colosseum. It is quite big and it was very crowded outside.

After arriving in Rome’s center, we started to look for an italian restaurant to eat. We arrived at Pizza in Trevi which is very close to Fontanta di Trevi and we ordered pizza and pasta. After 4 days in Rome, I could say that here we ate the best food and also, it was very tasty. After we ate, we started to explore the city center.

Pizza in Trevi

We stopped by Fontana di Trevi and we were quite shocked about the amount of tourists we saw there. We could barely take a photo! After that we walked by the tiny streets which were full of speedy drivers and tourists, of course.

Piazza di Navona was quite impressive and the architecture was breathless. During the 30 mins stop over at Pantheon we admired the builing which is super huge and also we went in and the architecture it is astonishing. After the sun went down, while we were going back to the apartment, we stopped by the Altare della Patria and took some photos. After the first day, we weren’t so exhausted and the day finished with a glass of white wine.

The second day started early in the morning when we decided to go to Vatican City. We arrived there around 10AM and took a guided tour. The tour was about 3 hours and it was a full of information. We visited Vatican Museums, Sixtine Chapel and St Peter’s Basilica. Also, we visited Cupola of St Peter’s Basilica and we had some trouble climbing the stairs, but the view of Rome and over Piazza San Pietro was worthed.

After spending half of the day in Vatican, we were starving. So, we started searching for a really fancy restaurant. As we were walking by, we passed through Il Pozzetto and we decided that it is the best option to eat. Again, we ordered pizza and pasta.

Il Pozzetto

Once we were full, we thought that it’s time to go and visit Sant’Angelo Castle because there were only 2 hours left before it will be closed. After buying the tickets, we were happy because it wasn’t crowded. After taking lots of photos, we climbed to the rooftop and we enjoyed the most beautiful sunset that we saw in Rome. And, a really cute dove accompanied us through the whole time. We stayed there until the staff came and said that they will close in short time and we have to leave.

Aaand..the first 2 days are gone!

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