Schönbrunn Palace

Oh, sweet Vienna! How I miss you right now!

Of course..our first stop was to enjoy a lovely wiener schnitzel! We couldn’t explore Vienna without having it first.

Wiener Schnitzel

Vienna has a lot of architectural buildings, one of them known in the whole world. Even though the weather wasn’t very good, we enjoyed the city so much, that we want to move there!

Below are some photos from there and I hope you’ll enjoy the city, as I did!

Neue Burg vor Burggarten

Hofburg Imperial Palace

Belvedere Palace Museum
Belvedere Palace Museum

Aaaand more palaces!

Schönbrunn Zoo time!

Vienna architecture walks. No more words needed!

WOW! Speechless! Breathtaking Hundertwasserhaus!

A little bit of fun never hurt nobody! Hello, Prater!

Amazing views from Donauturm! Actually, the feeling of seeing Dunărea in another country is really interesting! You should try it! (Because I enjoyed it a lot at Cazanele Dunării in Romania)

Austrian Parliament
Austrian Parliament
Wiener Staatsoper/Vienna State Opera
Wiener Staatsoper/Vienna State Opera

And of course…food #foodislife !!

!!!Vienna: No words to describe!!!

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